Here and Nau: Scarves!

January 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Nau just put some lovely scarves on sale.

They’re still between $60 and $70, but in my experience with Nau, you are really paying for quality. It’s nice stuff that’s going to last. And as always, their color palate is so pretty.

I’ve only included images of women, but most of the scarves are considered unisex. My favorite’s at top – the Wide Merino Barre Scarf – but they’re all very handsome and versatile!

Wide Merino Barre Scarf in amber stripe


Wide Merino Barre Scarf in port stripe


Wide Merino Plaid Scarf in amber plaid


Wide Merino Plaid Scarf in coast plaid


Flip Scarf in moss


Flip Scarf in moss


Kim Dulaney for Christmas

January 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been enjoying this Mint Brass necklace from Kim Dulaney that I got for Christmas.

Photo: Kim Dulaney


Photo: Kim Dulaney

I like things that have color but can still be worn with almost anything.

My photo

I’ve also been pairing it with other necklaces.

It’s a winner!
Here are a couple other pieces from her Etsy shop:

Kim Dulaney Mauve Gold Necklace

Kim Dulaney Gold Bite Necklace

Some of her work reminds me of Alyson Fox and Kate Miss, though is probably more readily available!


Alyson Fox – Color Strand Three (Photo:



Some Kate Miss necklaces (Photo:

All lovely stuff!

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