Renate Aller’s Oceanscapes

January 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

These are stunning. That’s all there is to it.

German photographer Renate Aller shot this collection over the course of ten years. They were all taken at different times from the same spot on Westhampton Beach in New York.

I love how some look like photos and others like paintings.

I picked out several of my favorites below, but you can view the entire collection – 53 in all – right here.


Art from Jenna Newton

January 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

I really like these illustrations from Jenna Newton.


Time Capsule

Band of Brothers

Culture Club

There are many other lovely and interesting pieces in her Etsy shop. Most are prints priced at $25, but there are a few originals, such as Culture Club (last one shown here) for about $65. Either way – beautiful,  affordable art!

2011 Calendar Picks: Part 1

November 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s time for new calendars!

I love calendar shopping. And there are so many beautiful ones to choose from nowadays between Etsy and all the lovely stationary shops. I usually buy at least two to have at home and one for the office, which, alas, is moot this year since I’m back in school. They’re also one of my favorite gifts to give.

Here are a few of my Etsy favorites so far in the poster category. (I’ll cover a couple of other types soon.) Several are designed so that the calendar portion can be clipped when the year is over, leaving you with a permanent piece of art.

Keep in mind – most are limited edition runs, so exercise those decision-making skills if something catches your eye!

Leah Duncan‘s 2011 Calendar.  I love the color palate and tidy font.

Yellow Lion‘s 2011 Calendar Poster.  I always gravitate towards the color blue, so this speaks to me.

Two (of four) fun letterpress calendars from 1canoe2: Farm Illustration – actually drawn and printed in a cornfield! – and Things That Are Long. (Also some blue themes going on here. I see that.)

Claudia Pearson’s Buy Local tea towel calendar can be displayed or used, but I can’t imagine wiping my greasy hands on this lovely piece.

This cheery and very pretty Santa Fe poster calendar is one of several this year from stephanielevy, an American artist currently based in Munich.

And finally, the 2011 Calendar from Mociun + Corwin. Only 50 available, beginning December 17!

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