Notes of love on Valentine’s Day

February 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s time to get those Valentine’s Day cards in the mail!

I sometimes use V-Day as an excuse to drop a note of love and appreciation to my friends and family. This top one from Paper Source is my favorite all-purpose card of the year. The others are a few more romantically-themed offerings. As always, pretty cards and notes are ideally purchased in stationary stores, but the Web’s all I’ve got this year!

Love & Hugs - Paper Source


You Float My Boat- Egg Press

I Love You - Rifle Stationary

Be Mine - Rifle Stationary


Hello Valentine - Linda and Harriet

B Mine – Linda and Harriet:


Holiday Cards Picks

December 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s getting on the edge of late to roll out Christmas card picks, but I’m going to do it anyway on the assumption there are others out there like me who have yet to tackle holiday greetings for the season. I’m not in the (a) city this year, so my shopping options are limited. I found this very pretty selection online, but in the process realized that only a fraction of cards I remember being available in the stores seem also to be seem online.  Sigh. Oh well. Still many to choose from!

From top: Gwen Frostic collection, a customizable Egg Press design, Paper Source Cardinal Winter Tree, one of Christi Sobel’s prettiest, Modern Pine from Saturn Press, the rabbit with pomegranates from CC Barton and Artists to Watch, and two of this year’s holiday collection from always beautiful Rifle Stationary. Hmm, I’m noticing a tree theme now that I’ve pulled these together…well, hope you like trees, too!

These bottom four are among many beautiful images designed by Walter Erhard and available (for wholesale) through Vigo Cards. I’ve happened across some of these at select stationary shops, but they are not widely available online. The image of the skaters on the right is available through Terrain, however!

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