Renate Aller’s Oceanscapes

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These are stunning. That’s all there is to it.

German photographer Renate Aller shot this collection over the course of ten years. They were all taken at different times from the same spot on Westhampton Beach in New York.

I love how some look like photos and others like paintings.

I picked out several of my favorites below, but you can view the entire collection – 53 in all – right here.


Sale Finds @ Anthro

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Anthropologie sends out a lot of email, but the only ones I really pay attention have to do with sales. And there were a few especially good finds today.

I happened to see this Lappula Dress in the store over the weekend and was even more impressed with it in person – the real test! So pretty.

Lappula Dress

The Fletching Dress is more subtle in its color, but also pretty. I like the shape and the belt:

Fletching Dress

The Gibraltar Glistens Tee is really light and feminine (…but I probably wouldn’t pay 50 bucks for it).

Gibraltar Glistens Tee

I don’t always go for glittery beads, but I think this Off Broadway Top is interesting:

Off Broadway Top

And these Subtle Shades boots are pretty chunky, even for me, but I like the tonal coloring and the masculine feel.

Subtle Shades Boots

All fairly warm weather stuff, considering it’s January – but tuck it away til June and it’ll be a fun little surprise when you unpack your summer things!

Coclico Cuties

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I was back in Chicago over the weekend and saw these really cute booties at Traipse, one of the best shoe stores in the city.

They’re the Kita from Coclico. Traipse doesn’t sell online, but the Kita is available in a few different places around the web, including at Shop Coclico.

The Kita in fumo (above), which is really pretty, is sold out at Shop Coclico, but the mink (below) and the black are still available at Endless.

They run almost $400 at full price, but right now at Endless they’re on sale for around $250.

On the subject of short boots from Coclico, I couldn’t help but also notice the Taabu (marked down to $311):

…and especially the Kayne (now $284).

These are actually deep blue – or “marino” –  not black, making them no less beautiful but, alas, a little less practical for most of us.

Sale + several months of cold weather ahead (for some of us, at least!) makes it’s a great time to snatch up some of these finds!

Kim Dulaney for Christmas

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I’ve been enjoying this Mint Brass necklace from Kim Dulaney that I got for Christmas.

Photo: Kim Dulaney


Photo: Kim Dulaney

I like things that have color but can still be worn with almost anything.

My photo

I’ve also been pairing it with other necklaces.

It’s a winner!
Here are a couple other pieces from her Etsy shop:

Kim Dulaney Mauve Gold Necklace

Kim Dulaney Gold Bite Necklace

Some of her work reminds me of Alyson Fox and Kate Miss, though is probably more readily available!


Alyson Fox – Color Strand Three (Photo:



Some Kate Miss necklaces (Photo:

All lovely stuff!

Art from Jenna Newton

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I really like these illustrations from Jenna Newton.


Time Capsule

Band of Brothers

Culture Club

There are many other lovely and interesting pieces in her Etsy shop. Most are prints priced at $25, but there are a few originals, such as Culture Club (last one shown here) for about $65. Either way – beautiful,  affordable art!

A little Bass action.

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I stumbled onto a tempting deal for these Bass boots over the weekend:

I haven’t really stopped wearing them since. $40!

They were at a Bass shoe store in Corning, NY that I later learned is an outlet – despite being located in Corning’s beautifully preserved historic downtown.

There are a lot of similar styles out there this year, many of them cute, like Bean Boots by LL Bean, Rubber Moc and the Sperry Top-Sider Heron:

I like how mine have a bit more height for extra warmth and protection, as well as the wooly lining.  Wasn’t necessarily in the market for more winter boots this year, but I’m tickled to have found these!

Happy 2011!

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The sun sets on 2010.